Wish for Amnesia,

Definitive First Edition
Deadly Chaps Press, 2017

about the novel Wish for Amnesia, its 40-year gestation, 12 proto-editions,
reviews and sample pages:


Wish for Amnesia, Deadly Chaps Press, New York, NY 2017
Soul & Psyche, Visual Studies Workshop Press, Rochester, NY, 1998
Homo Futurus, Visual Studies Workshop Press, Rochester, NY, 1986
Sensations, Visual Studies Workshop Press, Rochester, NY, 1984
Clues to Myself, Visual Studies Workshop Press, Rochester, NY, 1981


As of Sept. 2017, Barbara Rosenthal will be resuming her column, A CRACK IN THE SIDEWALK, in Ragazine, after a hitatus of many years since publication in The Franklin Square Bulletin, when she was 11.

Sept-Dec. 2017, she will be performing featured readings at with the Brownstone Anthology Reading Series at The Brooklyn Public Library (Park Slope Branch) and New York Public Library (Mulberry St Branch); in the Saturn Reading Series at Shades of Green Tavern; and in Spoken Word Sundays / Great Weather for Media at Parkside Lounge. Please check CALENDAR for particulars.

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from major books Clues to Myself, 1981; Sensations, 1984; Homo Futurus, 1986
Soul & Psyche, 1998; Wish for Amnesia, 2017:

1. "The present is a time of intense anxiety in which we suffer to interpret the past in order to create the future. This is as true for an hour as it is for an eon."

2. "Artists and derelicts are often hard to tell apart."

3. "I see as if I were on the rim of a giant saucer."

4. "All history, documentation, journalism, diplomacy, thought, art, culture, etc., serve only to influence behavior of single individuals at single moments."

5. "Only that which exists is 'perfect' enough to break into Reality. What is truly perfect, therefore, is what truly exists. Our old notions of perfection were only of illusion, of ideal. (Everyone knows the Ideal is always fraught with flaws which cause its foil by Reality.)"

6. "God is the Idol of Science." "God is the Icon of Science." "God is the False Prophet of Science." "God is the avatar of Science."

7. "Shaping a work is the most exciting part. The truth of a thing lies in its delimits."

8. "The flaw of the Ideal is that it does not encounter Time or Touch."

9. "Light particles fill this room with plasma, but I can be certain only of those which enter me directly."

10. "I suppose, if the life of an artist were too easy, too much mediocre art would flood the culture."

11. "The paths through the construction of a work of art are all enticing. Beware the quicksand! Beware thin ice!"

12. "It is as if the book already exists in its entirety and I must only listen for it."

13. "How much margin is there between a person's conception of their future and its eventuality?"

14."It was that April week when very few buds have yet to burst, but few of those burst are yet open."

15. "When the perfect social system evolves, it is certain to follow the identical rules/patterns as individual cells, organs and organisms."

16. "The letter 'I,' the perfect hieroglyph."

17. "Artist-Activist meetings: subversive, diversionary tactics to keep artist from studio."

18. "Reality is only shared illusion. 'Unreal' = private sensations."

19."... giving way, in art as in sex, to the all-consuming breakthrough into form, into the other side of the work, being through, full into it, the work itself pulling you, once you know the shape of it."

20. "The past is only a model of/in the present."

21. "I sit at this keyboard and make words like notes on a piano or synthesizer."

22. "We are nearing the end of the Ages of Culture: Age of Earth, Age of Order, Age of Esthetics, Age of Mechanics, Age of Biophysics, Age of Astrogenetics."

23. "Sooner or later, once again you will have to name yourself a Jew. It will be so called for you anyway."

24. "I sit at this keyboard and make words like notes on a piano or synthesizer."

25. "Homo Futurus might not be human."

26. "There is as much effort and epiphany in the comprehension of a production as in its creation. Art and text are sanctified by their beholder."

27. "None of the Jewish girls joined the cheerleaders; all of us joined the debating society."

28. "More blood has been shed in the name of religion than of anything else humankind ever dreamed up."

29. "The world is too brutal and intolerant for the sensitive and individuated."

30. "The opposite of "gravity" is "levity." The opposite of "density" is "rarity."

31. "Finally, during contiguous decades of the Mid-Twentieth Century, the human race had come to see itself a single tribe, if it would last."

31. "The 'Trans-Millennial Century' dawned with the simultaneous liberation of the Concentration Camps and dropping of the A-Bomb, when humanity woke up that spring and summer of 1945 and looked in the mirror, and saw in the face of our Horricides, what we nearly came to. Worldwide and together, we confronted, and acknowledged, our human politic of ethnic annihilation in the cause of mass hysteria."